New Work Travel Policy Document (28/06/2018)  

Interpretation of the New Travel Policy Document for INFN staff and associate personnel (1-8-2019)    

FAQ of the New Travel Policy Document    

Classification of Foreign Countries by geographical area  

Everyone who has accepted the health insurance policy ATI Poste Assicura, is covered by the policy during the work travels and can use it also to request VISA.

1.Work Travel requests must be submitted on the INFN web portal  – click on missioni and then inserisci missione

2. All Work Travel Authorization requests must be submitted before the starting date of the trip;

3. If the Work Travel cost is covered by a different INFN Unit, this must be selected from the drop down menù a carico della struttura;

4. The form must be filled in and a clear and exhaustive reason must be included;

5. Work Travels usually start from the workplace (LNF) or the employee’s residence (the shortest travel distance will be reimbursed).

For insurance purposes the actual starting location must be indicated;

6. It is not possible to cancel a Work Travel from the web portal. In order to do so, please contact us: missioni@lnf.infn.it

7. Authorization requests for Work Travel not covered by the INFN must be submitted under CONTO TERZI. In order to do so, you must indicate at least one expense, such as mezzo gratuito.

8. Before sending your first Work Travel request, please send us an e-mail (missioni@lnf.infn.it ) with the following information:

–     Name and surname

–     Tax code

–      Place and Date of Birth

–      Address

–      Bank details

After submitting the form, you will receive a Work Travel Number. You can review and modify the request before the start of your travel: if the authorization process has not yet been completed, you will be given a new Work Travel Number and the authorization process will restart. You can still make changes to your request after your travel started, but it will not be possible to change the travel dates. 


Flights, ferries, hotels, visas and rental cars reservations must be made on the INFN web portal through our Travel Agency Cisalpina Tours. 

Train Tickets must be directly purchased on Trenitalia website, using the INFN credentials provided by LNF Ufficio Missioni.

Tickets purchased directly by the employee can be reimbursed, however it must be remembered that INFN agreements with Trenitalia and Cisalpina offer more advantageous conditions and corporate bonuses.

Trenitalia offers a 5% employee welfare discount and point aggregation for both business and personal tickets.

If you wish to purchase your tickets through different channels, please remember that agency fees cannot be reimbursed and expense advances cannot be granted.


In order to book your Work Travel tickets through our Travel Agency, please log into the INFN web portal, click on Missioni and then on Cisalpina.

if it is your first booking request, it is advisable you complete the personal info section by clicking on ‘Manage Profile’ from the drop down menu near your name (top right). 

You can now click on Nuova Trasferta (New Work Travel). 

If your Work Travel will be covered by a different INFN Units, please select it under Dati di addebito – Azienda

You will then be asked to insert your Work Travel Number and to specify the kind of journey: please use missione for all kind of Work Travel. 

Please type your Work Travel Number again under ID event.

Add your destination and travelling dates. You can now save your request and book your tickets directly or ask Cisalpina Tours. 


INFN and Trenitalia have signed an agreement which provides discounts and corporate bonuses. Train tickets can be purchased directly on Trenitalia website. Please use the INFN credentials provided by Ufficio Missioni (missioni@lnf.infn.it – Daniela Napoleoni 06 9403 2238, Giuliana Zaratti 06 9403 2553)

2020-2021 Trenitalia Commercial Offer provides:

Corporate Base Rate:

A 10% discount for all kind of fares plus an additional 5% discount on 1st Class or Business Class tickets (when you connect using INFN credentials, fares are already reduced by 10 or 5%, a further 5% discount will be applied).

Loyalty program:

Reserved to INFN, it allows the Institute to earn business credit for each Work Travel ticket bought and allows the passenger to collect travel points on their own CartaFreccia

Additionally, you can register your CartaFreccia under your INFN Trenitalia account, which will allow you to access the employee welfare 5% discount for your personal bookings. 

Call Center freephone 800.186.019 every day 7.00 – 20.00


Conferences organized by other INFN Units:

Fees are paid by transfers between Units. You can indicate this in your registration, along with which INFN Unit you belong to.

Conferences organized by other Italian Institutions:

An electronic invoice must be issued. This needs to be headed to INFN in VAT split payment system. Our code is WMXSWX.

Participants who wish to proceed with the payment themselves should remember to pay only for the taxable amount, as the VAT will be paid for by the INFN. 

Otherwise, our Office will handle the fees payment. In this case the following information must be provided:

–      Name of the beneficiary

–      Address of the beneficiary

–      VAT number and/or tax code

–      Bank name, branch and address

–      IBAN


Conferences organized by Foreign Organizations

Our Office can handle the fees payment (the above information must be provided)

A paper or PDF invoice headed to

INFN must be issued.

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